So what can we say? As a working machine meant to provide you with hours of powerful and reliable computing power, Lenovo has captured that and placed it into a bulky yet surprisingly attractive case. The P910 may not be shiny or have dazzling lights to distract you, but it does have a professional warranty and modularity that should be attractive to anyone who needs to get serious work done. Are there things that we wish could be different? Sure, but as is, the package is incredibly attractive. And really, it’s meant for the burgeoning professional and consulate veteran as well. The P910, while not perfect, will be a joy to have and one that should provide plenty of future-proof rendering and crunching power for anything you need to do.

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Lenovo ThinkStation P910 Review
A magnificent machine for the price that's quick, modular and has a warranty to die for. We just wish you could select the W Xeon processors and P100 from NVIDIA. The noise profile leaves something to be desired, but it's still a very good machine. And one to consider when shopping around.
Build Quality98%
What's Right
  • Efficient design language
  • P6000 is magnificent
What's Wrong
  • Cooling system a bit loud
  • Could use faster processor selections
86%Overall Score
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