A Bevy of Configuration Options

This brings us onto the software, one of the complaints I had with the EA9500 was the lack of advanced configuration options and software feature sets which while keeping setup and config options simple did, in my mind at least, limit just what the router could do, the LAPAC2600, being aimed at business users who often have an IT department, either internally or outsourced doesn’t have the same need of simplicity that your average home user would, so the device offers many and varied configuration options as well as advanced logging facilities, the ability to set up captive portals for customers or visitors to the site where the LAPAC2600 is in use as well as device clustering and more.


Initial setup and configuration is trivial, mounting the device is as simple as you can imagine, thanks to the supplied twist lock mounting bracket. The LAPAC2600 is designed to allow you to easily swap out one of the older devices in the range so shares the same mounting plate system and dimensions which makes upgrading from older devices to this a breeze.

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Initial configuration is similarly simple, connect to the default SSID and connect to the devices IP via a browser to gain access to the management tool, the Quick Start option seems to cover the more fundamental settings to get things up and running, allowing for things like admin details, date and time, IP Addressing, SSIDs and security to be configured quickly and easily. Set up feels only marginally more complex than a standard residential device and it’s clear that Linksys have taken what they know from this sector and applied it to the LAPAC2600s quick start tool, to allow IT staff to hit the ground running.

More advanced configuration is possible once basic configuration is done, allowing for setting up SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for device monitoring and administration via other tools, like ZenOSS or NAGIOS. The device supports multiple VLAns, which can be configured on a per SSID basis, support for IPv6, SSL Certificates as well as the ability to lock down management to specific IPs, general more in-depth logging and set up email alerts for things like error messages, config changes or unauthorised access. The device offers much more than I can honestly cover here, since I lack the infrastructure needed to really do it justice, I can imagine many system admins and network admins will love just how much control this device can offer though. I know I’d certainly be more than happy to have this as one of our network access points in my workplace. All of this said though, the device does work flawlessly with just the initial config in place too, essentially making it a ’commit and quit’ device once its hooked up and basic config has been completed.

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Linksys LAPAC 2600


Physical Design


Software Features





  • A wealth of configuration options
  • Admirable throughput
  • MU-MIMO Support
  • Minimalist design, allowing it to blend with most office envronments


  • Size is a touch large, but understable considering the contents

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