London’s Mayor has decided that they too need to have a massive gaming festival to celebrate the cities commitment to the gaming and entertainment industry, and in April, they’ll have just that.

London Games Festival

London Games Festival, a return to gaming roots

The upcoming London Games Festival, April 1st through the 10th, will encompass 15 different events with 10 different venues completely full to the brim with all kinds of gaming friendly business to the city. EGX Rezzed, an gathering of indie gamers, will happen at the same time with over 150 different playable games open to the public. And of course there’ll be a lot of smaller venues across the East of London during this time.

All of this is made possible by a £1.2m investment from the London Enterprise Panel, which will help fund the two-week games festival taking place in venues around the city. It’s really a return to form because there are a lot of game studios that call London, or nearby, their home. The Mayor wants to increase awareness of the burgeoning industry and take also increase the rate of tourism, which is a fantastic idea in its own right.

At the end of the festival we’ll have the British Academy Game Awards on April 7th to recognize all of the great talent that comes out of the UK. the British Academy Games Awards is BAFTA’s annual celebration of excellence and remains the premier event in the UK games industry calendar, attracting leading talent from around the world.