That didn’t take very long at all. Someone has went and modified the original Doom to play on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro. It seems that that’s the real challenge in life and with computing, and when we know something is truly an advancement.

Touch Bar Doom

Doom can play on anything, even the Touch Bar

Though it’s actually quite odd to see the older game played on the 2170 x 60 resolution, it does seem to play rather well and without issue. You may not necessarily be able to accurately see your enemies due to them being slightly elongated, but it works. It seems that we as a species tend to try to get Doom running on just about anything, as if it’s a right of passage.

The creator, Adam Bell, also showed off in his video the ability to show the HUD itself on the touch bar while you run the game on the main screen. This is perhaps another, future use for the Touch Bar, allowing even gamers (no matter how few there are on macOS) the ability to keep the screen free from distractions.

Now the real question remains; can it play Crysis?