Performance Analysis System Specs

Mafia III

A copious amount of options to play with.

Testing was done with everything as high as possible, Vsync turned off and AA tuned to MSAA x4. It’s difficult to provide consistent results when no in-game benchmark is provided, though we do our best to run through the first mission similarly each time to provide similar results.


Mafia III


Mafia III


Mafia III


The game is atrociously optimized. It runs very poorly with full settings on even with AA turned off. Even worse, turning shadow quality down doesn’t do what one would expect, and it still performs poorly, though slightly less so. Even though it runs quite slow, the graphical quality doesn’t warrant the very poor performance that you receive.

Interestingly the Pascal Titan X does remain a competitive fully-charged 4K GPU.

For 1080P we recommend at least an NVIDIA GTX 1070 or an AMD R9 Fury for the optimal experience.

For 1440P we recommend at least using an NVIDIA GTX 1080. AMD doesn’t quite have an equivalent though an R9 Fury is playable, though barely.

For 2160P we can only recommend turning the quality down a few notches. Or using an NVIDIA GTX Titan X of the Pascal variety. Anything else is just unacceptable.