“Good luck with your games!” The site tells you as it casually asks for your PlayStation Network login details. The domain (since disappeared) playstation4gamesfree(dot)weebly(dot)com is hilarious.

PlayStation 4 Scam

PlayStation 4 phishing site is pure gold

This particular site is trying to assure you that the security mechanisms in place are up to the task of keeping your information safe. The broken English, lack of SSL and the domain (which has since been taken down by Weebly) all point towards a very poorly thought out attempt to steal credentials. Those three men seem to advertise their account via an instagram account which has nearly 3000 followers. It’s almost certain that some of those have attempted to get their free game, though with little success.

Scams aimed towards gamers are relatively common place, with plenty of sites wishing to help relieve you of your login credentials, game libraries and your money. But sometimes an attempt at phishing appears that seems far too silly to actually be real. Unfortunately some people are still falling for these scams, and thus losing access to their game library, or more.

If you ever find a site that asks you for your login details for anything that isn’t the official login page, don’t enter them. Never give out your PSN login information to anyone, even employees of Sony. PlayStation 4 phishing attempts such as this are sure to rise in the future. And the Xbox One and even PC will undoubtedly follow suit.