At Gamescom I had the chance to meet up with Craig (TheLazyPeon). And he has a YouTube channel and also started streaming daily recently I met up with him on Friday, but we were both busy checking out Gamescom so we only talked for a few minutes and then split up again. When we had met up again at the end of the day, we went out to get something to eat together with some others. While there he was able to enlighten me about some of the difficulties he faces as a big YouTuber in the gaming industry.


YouTube in the gaming industry isn’t always fun and games…

For example the hate comments he gets. His day could get bad just with one negative or troll comment saying that the person didn’t like a certain thing in a certain part of the video. So being a YouTuber is a fun job, but also mentally very though. Not only by all the trolls and nasty comments, but also with the amount of time that goes into the videos that he makes. There are times where he would sometimes go to sleep around 5am or even later then that. Sleep is vital when trying to perform on such a level. He now has tried to improve his sleeping schedule by creating a new video schedule and he also started streaming almost every day at the same time. He’s also trying to improve his YouTube channel constantly to make sure his channel isn’t dying. In the end, the channel is a lot of work but also very rewarding to do.

After the food, we split up again, he went to the Legion Café. And I had to run for my train back to the Netherlands. The next day I joined Craig on his second fan meet ever. The first meet he had done was the day before. Even though all the fans were really nice and happy to see him, Craig looked and was a bit nervous. And his girlfriend told me it was even worse the day before. In my opinion it’s really weird to see a person that is so cool and amazing in videos be so nervous when he’s “just” meeting some of his fans.

After the fans left we just talked a bit more and I said goodbye to Craig and his girlfriend. I was quite done with Gamescom and really tired. Craig is an amazing guy and I had a really nice time talking to him. I would like to thank Craig and his girlfriend for letting me talk to them. You can follow him on Twitch here and sub to his YouTube channel here. And if you would like you can follow his girlfriend on Twitch here.