Of course someone had to go out and take the original Metal Gear Solid and remake it into something absolutely glorious in Unreal Engine 4. And it really does look good, despite the legal concern surround its existence.

Metal Gear Solid in UE4, box hiding for the modern age

Fan made projects are continuing to become actual masterpieces with the rise and proliferation of free tools to make actual good games. Anyone with the will and desire can break the usual bounds and limitations and then things like this come out. Things we didn’t even know we wanted. The best part is how they’ve been able to implement the box hiding mechanism, which has been a staple with the series, no matter how ridiculous it actually is.

This remake, called Shadow Moses, is a work in progress at the moment and the developer is concentrating on getting the first level in the first game modeled to perfection before going on to the rest. Since this is a small team, what’s being shown right now is great. The only problems that’ll come into play are whether or not Konami allows development to continue. In case you want to check out the game in it’s original glory, you can still get the Legacy Collection on PS3.