Windows 7 is still one of the most preferred operating systems around, easily being one of the best OS’s that Microsoft has offered since XP. It’s utility is still showing despite the prevalence and more advanced features present in Windows 10. Installing Seven isn’t the easiest, however, and never has been with the way in which it installs updates. There’s a lot of downloading, restarting, downloading some more and a lot more restarting in store.

Windows 7 headaches


Microsoft has one mammoth patch to help modern Windows 7 installation woes

Windows 7 is still the best seller on Amazon, meaning it’s in high demand despite the best efforts to get people to upgrade. But to help you install it faster, they’ve released an update that’s all encompassing and a compilation of five years of updates inside of it. This is an optional rollup that can be downloaded separately, though you can still go through the age old process if you wish.

In order to use this magnificently large package you’ll have to install a servicing stack update that was released in April of 2015 before you can begin the longer installation of the rollup. You should also, obviously, be running SP1.

Going forward it looks like Microsoft will be rolling all non-security updates into packages such as this and making them available through Windows update itself. Security updates are still going to be pushed out as needed until January 14th 2020.