It looks like Minecraft’s story mode is going to be making its debut on the Wii U this week. January 21st is when Telltale Games and Mojang will release the long-awaited game.


Minecraft single-player comes to the Wii U

Telltale Game’s foray into giving Minecraft a real single-player campaign and story has been a hit success on every platform. Though the game is about exploring your own creativity within the confines of the voxel universe. But having to use your imagination and that glimmer of creativity to solve problems and save the day is fantastically entertaining and engaging.

You’ll be able to find Episode one on the┬áNintendo eShop for $4.99. All of the other chapters will be coming shortly afterwards, of course waiting for them to be properly ported. There’s also a Minecraft story mode season pass that covers all episodes, two through five, for $19.99.

The gamepad will work very well with Minecraft as it allows for some very precise interaction with the world. The full game itself was released around a month ago and has seen a lot of interest since then. It works well on the platform, and because it doesn’t require the most powerful components, the Wii U is perfect for it.