I’m a big fan of all the products MSI makes, because of their great customer support and the quality of the products they deliver. And I went there so I could test out their new products, which was loads of fun.

MSI Blogger Day

MSI fan event was chock full of great new peripherals

We started the day of by looking around by all the products. After that we got a few presentations by MSI and Reshift (the building of where the event was). After that we got split into 4 different groups, each group got their own product group. My group was the notebook group and we started off by a tour through the building of Reshift.

After that we all got a chance to try out the HTC Vive, and that was amazing. I could really see that VR is the future and the games (Space Pirate Trainer in particular) was amazing to play. Eventually we got time to try out all the new MSI stuff.

I tried out all MSI’s notebooks, saw the newest motherboards and desktops (Vortex and Aegis). But since I was put in the product group notebooks, I’ve spend quite a bit of time with the MSI GT72 2PE Dominator Pro. It’s an amazing laptop, which doesn’t run hot and has a great keyboard to type and game on. I didn’t benchmark the notebook, but the feel was amazing. The framerate was smooth, it was cool, and really enjoyable to game on.

I tried out all of MSI’s notebooks and got the chance to spot some 1080’s. Also I tried out MSI’s new peripherals. Which were:

MSI GK-701 Mechanical GAMING Keyboard

MSI GK-701

MSI Interceptor DS300 GAMING Mouse


MSI DS502 GAMING Headset


Even though these are the first peripherals MSI has ever made, they are really solid and have great quality. I think MSI has a lot of potentional if they continue making more peripherals.

At the end, I would like to thank MSI for inviting me to this event, I really enjoyed coming by!