The new firmware that NETGEAR is rolling out for several of their professional devices is focused on increasing the level of security from various different types of attacks. It also corrects a typo that was a bit strange to see.

NETGEAR Switches

NETGEAR firmware is security focused for enterprise switches

Firmware affects the GS728TPPGS752TP and the GS728TPall part of their Smart Switch line. It improves the resilience against certain cross-site-scripting attacks, corrects two typos that were made on the VLAN membership page and fixes a huge issue where sometimes ports 9-48 on the GS752TP wouldn’t work when you enabled 802.3at mode.

A number of other changes have been implemented in the new firmware as well. Port mirroring on these devices only allowed 4 ports to be accessed, but that’s now been fixed so all 8 source ports can be accessed. NETGEAR has also managed to fix an issue where certain activity from VoIP phones caused a strange reboot.

You can grab the new firmware from the links above in the Downloads section on the bottom of the linked pages.