Ubisoft is updating The Division once again in order to help those that have come to the end continue to have a good time. They wanted this experience to last quite a while for some players, so they’ve added in new things with The Division 1.4 update to help you transition into the after end-game.

The Division 1.4

The Division 1.4 adds a lot of improvements

It’s the same with all games, really, that have such auspicious design plans. You want to keep people interested enough that even when you hit the level cap you have something to do. At the very least they’re seeking to change the gameplay just enough to make things continue to be interesting. Part of that revolves around ensuring that those in higher tiers of the World Tiers feature are able to get better gear, worthwhile of their time spent with the harder enemies.

Those enemies? AI has been improved, and they’ll have less hit points making them easier(ish) targets to hit. Weapons and armor have been rebalanced once again so that it seems like a more fair experience. And now you’ll heal, though slowly, when you’re outside of combat. Skills too have been improved with the removal of the cap on level of those skills, though they seem to have diminishing returns near the top end.

The Division, despite the initial shock of lowered graphical quality, actually checked quite a few boxes in terms of gameplay and fun. It wasn’t quite the magical experience promised by Ubisoft, but The Division has been an overall positive experience. The single player story is well thought out and the atmosphere is rather interesting, if sparse. Though that’s even explained, in part, in the narrative. It’s definitely worth a play through if you haven’t given it a try yet, especially if you can find it for less than the normal retail price.

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