Evolution Studios went to Twitter in order to tease fans about an upcoming update to their PlayStation 4 racing game, Driveclub, saying that it’ll be a big one, but without giving away any of the juicy details.

Driveclub update news is driving us crazy

The update is scheduled to go live sometime in February, as the tweet so succinctly says, though we literally have no details to go off of. We hope and pray that the update is free for everyone, and it might include some additional physics and weather effects that have an appreciable effect on the behavior of your vehicles. Something else on the wishlist, and it always should be, is the inclusion of new cars. It doesn’t hurt to introduce more variety. But teasing something “big” might mean something completely different.

Regardless, it’s very exciting that the makers of Driveclub are supporting their product this far after launch, even though they could abandon it in lieu of creating a new entry into the series. Thus far they’ve sold more than 2 million copies and Driveclub Bikes was just released last year, adding an even more exciting element of racing to the game.