It seems that the folks down at Hello Games are sticking to their guns about making No Mans Sky the game that many hoped it would be. It’s been slightly over 3 months since the Foundation Update was pushed out, bringing base building, survival modes and more. Today, Hello Games have started to build on that foundation and have released the Path Finder update.

As with the Foundation update, the website contains the full details of what NMS fans can expect to see. Some of the more interesting features of the patch are as follows:

  • Visual updates, including high and ultra resolution textures, more accurate lighting, horizon based ambient occlusion and more.
  • Online base sharing, allowing other players to discover and explore your home among the stars.
  • Steam workshop integration, allowing player bases to be uploaded and shared via Steam to the player base.
  • Ship specialisation and multi craft ownership. Each ship will now have a specialised role, either being a fighter, shuttle, hauler or exploration craft. In addition to differing hull types, ships will also have classifications from A to C and the ultra rare S class.
  • PS4 Pro support, with optimisations to support 4K resolution on both PC and the PS4 Pro.
  • New shops and traders
  • More options for base builders, including new assets  and options
  • New weapon modes, which will impact how you approach combat.
  • Permadeath mode! Essentially a mirror of survival mode, but with no second chances.
  • Photo mode, a new camera interface allowing you to take stunning in game photos.

And the one that many have been waiting for…

  • Exocraft, land based vehicles, allowing for faster navigation of a planet, the ability to haul more cargo and better offensive and defensive options than just heading out on foot.

While the initial launch of the game may have disappointed many due to the seeming lack of promised features it does look like Hello Games are trying to make good on their initial premise and are gradually making No Mans Sky the game they planned it to be. Of course, there is still a long way to go yet, so time will tell if they do manage to meet their end goals, but up to now, its certainly hopeful that they are pressing on with their endeavour.