NVIDIA is fairly quick when it comes to releasing new drivers in response to new games and even in terms of fixing driver issues that result in performance problems. They’ve released driver version 368.22 with but a few fixes in tow. This is likely a stop-gap until the GTX 1080 release.

NVIDIA GeForce 368.22

368.22 adds performance profiles for World of Tanks, Overwatch and War Thunder

Inside there are a few more fixes, though not much to speak of. An issue with stuttering in The Division, which seemed to begin after 20-30 minutes of gameplay, has been fixed. The new improvements for Overwatch should likely increase the lead already enjoyed by team Green, which we’ve explored in our analysis of the beta. These drivers do not support the upcoming GTX 1080 and are only for the Maxwell, Kepler and below GPUs. Even though it’s still early, there are no issues being reported from upgrading.

The drivers can be found here for Windows 10, here for Windows 8.1 and here for Windows 7.