NVIDIA has also updated their drivers, now up to version 376.09, hot on the heels of Watch Dogs 2’s release. Inside are a few other additions and even the disabling of a few SLI profiles in response to player criticism of performance.


Driver 376.09 takes out Call of Duty SLI profiles

The focus is on bringing official, optimized support to Watch Dogs 2 since it has recently been released. They’ve update the SLI profile and tuned things for the best experience. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered have had their SLI profiles disabled, presumably due to how ineffective they had initially been. A temporal SLI profile has been added for Infinite Warfare. No other enhancements or additions have been included.

So how does Watch Dogs 2 actually play? Now that the official drivers are available from both AMD and NVIDIA, we’ll be taking the next week to check it out. Rumor has it that it doesn’t perform well, but we’ll explore that when we get there.

You can get your drivers from here or within the Geforce Experience.