With the recent launch of the chart-topping GeForce GTX 1080 come the first reports of issues plaguing some users. Users of the ‘Founder’s Edition’ – essentially the reference card – have been reporting unusual behaviour from the graphics card’s cooling solution. Considering the ‘Founder’s Edition’ costs $100 over the MSRP for custom cards, this isn’t good news.

Pascal NVIDIA GTX 1080

GTX 1080 fan revving issue could be worse than we think

A thread on the GeForce forums has seen many users come forward about their cards exhibiting the same behaviour described by some as ‘Revving’ of the graphics card’s single blower fan. The amount of users reporting the issue prompted a response from NVIDIA’s customer care department in the same thread. After being able to replicate the issue in-house,  NVIDIA’s software team are looking at a driver fix to address the issue.

I personally own a pair of GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition cards in SLI, and one of my cards exhibits the same issue. It’s essentially the fan spinning up to around 2800 RPM randomly, then slowly down again. Here’s a picture from MSI Afterburner to demonstrate what I mean. Notice GPU1’s tachometer – the ‘waves’ are where the fan is ‘revving’.

GTX 1080 Fan Issues

We’ll have to wait and see what NVIDIA’s software team come up with to address the issue. Do you have a GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics card with the same problem? Let us know in the comments.