NVIDIA is not to be outdone and will be hosting their own, large GDC event on the 28th of February at 7:00pm PST. This event is being heralded as a celebration of the GeForce GTX brand and of gaming in particular.

GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration

Mayhaps a surprise is in store at the GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration?

As the invite itself states, there’ll be awesome PC gaming, hardware, tournaments and free food.┬áThe assumption is, of course, that we may see either a soft or a hard launch of the much awaited GTX 1080 Ti, though it may also be a way to introduce other new technologies geared towards developers or another product entirely. Last year was used as a launchpad for the SHIELD TV, though the very next morning the GTX 980 Ti was announced. The same is likely to happen this year, though we’re unsure if this will be the case.