NVIDIA ran into hot water with the GTX 970 when it came out that the specifications that were initially posted were actually incorrect. The memory that was available to the GPU wasn’t fully 4GB, but broken into two chunks of 3.5GB that operated at full speed and 0.5GB that was far less speedy.

GTX 970Class Action lawsuit has NVIDIA potentially giving $30 to GTX 970 buyers

Those in the US are able to collect a $30 settlement check from NVIDIA, though that’s in exchange for not pursuing any further legal action whatsoever. The lawyers at NVIDIA have decided on the settlement amount based on what they’ve calculated to be a “portion of the cost of storage and performance capabilities the consumers thought they were obtaining in the purchase of the product.” Meaning they’re refunding the relative cost differential that a 3.5GB card would cost. This means you’ll get around a 9% rebate depending on what price you paid.

The settlement hasn’t been completely approved, but is moving quickly and steadily in that direction. Soon you should be receiving information on how to sign-up for you rebate. But it seems that this is going to be the final solution for them in regards to the GTX 970 debacle. The card remains a steady choice, though the release of new products with far more memory and a much cheaper price negates that.


Source: Top Class Actions