NVIDIA very quietly outed the next generation Titan X based off of Pascal just last night. The new GPU is based on the GP102 die that has 3584 CUDA cores running at 1.53GHz. That’s just as many as the massive GP100 that was released for the HPC segment earlier this year.

The Titan X is borne again, this time bigger, and hopefully better

That massive amount of cores is being fed by 12GB of GDDR5X and should give you around 8.9 teraflops of theoretical single-precision compute power for all your data needs. All within a 250W TDP, the same as the Maxwell-based Titan X. There are 12 billion transistors inside, less than the 15 billion of the GP100 owing to a lack of FP16 hardware. GP102 is not necessarily being aimed at the gaming market, either. It’s going to be available starting at $1200 on August 2nd, though only directly through NVIDIA or through “select partners”. It’s a content creation and compute card that’s far better priced than workstation cards. However, this is big Pascal, the GPU we’ve been waiting for. What remains to be seen is whether or not they release a GTX 1080 Ti within a few months to better serve consumers. One would assume that, like it’s predecessor, it’ll only be a few hundred more than the base 1080. Regardless, we’re excited to get our hands on a sample to see how it fares. Thus far it’s rumored to perform around 20-30% faster than the GTX 1080. Who knows, however, and we’ll see quite soon we hope.