Hot on the heals of AMD’s latest driver release, NVIDIA too is releasing an updated and WHQL’d driver, bringing us to version 368.39 This set of drivers has quite a few improvements and enhancements for games not to mention it brings full compatibility with the GTX 1070. It doesn’t appear that there are any improvements to the GTX 1080 fan-speed issue at all, however.

NVIDIA Drivers 368.39

New NVIDIA Drivers, 368.39, improves Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and quite a bit more

There had been some issues with stuttering when playing Total War: Warhammer which has been fixed in this update, though we hadn’t noticed the issue during our performance analysis at all. NVIDIA added performance optimizations for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Edge of Nowhere while updating the SLI profiles for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, , Miirror’s Edge Catalyst, The Witcher 3 and Total War: Warhammer. They’ve also added an SLI profile for Homefront: The Revolution.

Perhaps the most important change in driver version 368.39 is the exposure of the OpenGL extensions necessary for properly leveraging the new hardware features for VR in the Pascal architecture. These include Single Pass Stereo Rendering, Lens Matched Shading and Improved Conservative Rasterization. All of those should provide a healthy performance boost in VR applications that utilize OpenGL as their backbone.

The new drivers can be found right here for all systems running Windows 7-10. Theoretically this should improve performance overall, though there are always allegations of depreciating performance on older GPUs with each new driver release. That’s something we’re investigating and should have some results and an analysis of the alleged issue quite soon.