Yesterday NVIDIA released driver 368.81 onto the world which primarily focused on optimizing VR for a few new titles that have just been released. In addition to that they’ve finally allowed Ansel, the in-game photographing tool, to be used with Mirror’s edge.

NVIDIA Game Ready 368.81

NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver 368.81 is here with plenty of improvements

A lot of other changes were added in this release, with a new SLI profile for Armored Warfare, Total War: Warhammer and Lost Ark. Profiles have also been updated for Homefront: The Revolution, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and The Witcher 3.

The big improvement is allowing games to use some new OpenGL extensions that are specific to VR, for improving performance and helping it look better in your headsets. Games can now call functions related to Lens Matched Shading and Single Pass Stereo. They’re also able to use extensions for improved conservation rasterization and for double precision atomic operations.¬†Ansel is now supported by one more game, letting you find some very compelling ways to showcase the world in Mirror’s Edge. It was was an interesting development on the part of NVIDIA when it was announced. It allows you to take on a more artistic approach to taking screenshots. It’s far more than just being able to walk around, too. You’re able to adjust settings that are analogous to real-world camera settings.