Unfortunately some data was lost forever in a server move, meaning photos and charts are forever missing. The little question marks will remain as a reminder to us of why proper data handling procedures must be followed at all times. We apologize, but rest assured that this does indeed deserve the Editor’s Choice Award for it’s magnificent build and all the reasons listed below.

Quite honestly it’s hard for some to accept a custom built PC that you yourself haven’t put effort into bringing to life. And that’s okay, because you may not understand that there is a distinct market which is much wider than you might realize, and not because people are not technically inclined. Mostly it’s a result of being time-poor and cash-rich, or of entering the PC era completely anew. Or perhaps you just have had bad luck building your own, and want to ensure that everything is tip-top and in perfect health. Regardless, the OriginPC Millennium is one choice of many, but it’s so far proven to be a very positive experience with very little to complain about. For those that don’t want to read to the end; it’s good, very good, with a unique and useful chassis that actually could fit into many different scenarios.

OriginPC Millennium

Meet the beast, the OriginPC Millennium desktop PC

The first reaction upon unboxing the beast is that it’s incredibly large. Despite being a mid-tower case, it’s quite spacious and certainly takes up a bit of room. The box is massive, and it was a pain to even get it up to the floor I live on. The delivery man, bless his heart, actually came to ask me for help. I wish I had a hoist. The good thing is that everything is packed nice and neat, and very secure. Opening it is a breeze, thanks to simple instructions that are actually on the top when you open that up.

Once it’s been opened the case is good looking yet not ostentatious. It’s also quite useful. Inside is an impeccably laid out wiring job with a very clean and nice looking, vertical layout. That means the heat is going to be exhausted out the top, working with the laws of thermodynamics instead of against. The proprietary case of theirs allows for a lot of customization, and you can essentially mount the motherboard whichever way you want. It’s quite nice, really. On the front there’s a hot-swappable drive bay that’s occupied by the storage drive currently. It’s smart, and makes adding additional storage a breeze. That’s crucial if you’re going to either install a heck of a lot of games, or plan on setting up a hardware, or software, RAID to store all your precious media or any number of things.

Inside is a very well put-together system, one that has far better cable management than I could ever manage. That’s one of the reasons for opting for a custom-built PC, the ease of upgrading due to the cable management and having a lot of the handy-work already completed. The point is to have an easy platform to plug in new GPUs and easily expand your storage, RAM and other I/O items. That’s the value proposition that all custom builders give you. They do the hard work, getting everything working together in perfect harmony without issue. They test, overclock and generally ensure it works beautifully. Sure, it’s tremendously fun to play with PCs and set them up yourself. Its half the fun, but not everyone has the time or the inclination, and while it’s a bit more expensive than setting it up yourself, time is also money. And sometimes time can be very expensive. And you get a level of support that goes above and beyond to help you with your issues. They’re happy to help, because not everyone is a PC expert, but the guys on the other side of the phone, or through the remote desktop app are more than willing to show you the ropes if you have issues. And they’re quite friendly too, and available 24/7.

OriginPC Millennium Review System Specifications

  • Intel Core i7-6700K
  • ASUS Maximum VIII Hero
  • 16GB Kingston HyperX DDR4 2666
  • EVGA NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti x 2 in SLI
  • Samsung 950 Pro 512GB
  • Seagate 2TB SSHD
  • EVGA SuperNova 1000 G2
  • Retailed for ~$3880 (980 Ti no longer available)

It truly is a beast, inside and out. The case is a well laid-out and functional thing. The LED lighting is also quite attractive without being garish at all. It can be configured with up to the new Broadwell-E 6950X, multiple NVIDIA GTX 1080’s or quad AMD R9 Nano’s. You’re also able to add massive amounts of storage in both multiple SSD, HDD and M.2 PCIe-based, incredibly fast storage. RAM can go into the multi-GB’s and you’re able to choose between on-board (sometimes great) sound and a separate sound card.


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