OriginPC Millennium Gaming Performance

We buy these custom-built gaming PC’s, such as the OriginPC Millennium mid-tower beast, for gaming purposes. More likely than not we’re looking for a good value that lets us play games with good graphics and is built for us. This is clearly meant for both 4K and 2K gaming, with VR a focus as well. The two GPUs inside are more than capable of those resolutions with full effects on. Provided, of course, SLI is supported. You will hardly be surprised to learn that it can clearly, and easily, provide faster than 60FPS on nearly the full battery of tests at 4K. We didn’t have time to run everything at 4K, unfortunately, but ran the usual compilation of games to show how well it does. That compilation is done at 1080P, though we may update that to be a more nominal 1440P as that becomes more common in the gaming sphere.

OriginPC Millenium

The result is a fantastic gaming machine, bar none. Now it’s configurable with multiple GTX 1080’s for even higher framerates at a similar price to what this once was. The gaming roots of the OriginPC Millennium show through.

The only issue I have with this system is that the GPUs chosen are a bit loud, but that’s the nature of the blower fan design. Overclocking makes this even more evident as well. The choice for which cooling solutions is really limited in SLI, as you need the air to escape and not linger around the closest GPU. Regardless, it can get a bit loud.


OriginPC is known for making quality PC’s for people who don’t have the knowledge or skills to do it themselves, or to do that for anyone who doesn’t really have the time to put one together. It’s fun, sure, but time can be incredibly valuable as well. This is a way to break into extreme PC gaming without having to invest the time necessary to put together your own (no matter how easy you think it is, it isn’t for everyone). And you get a bevvy of great support tools that’ll walk you through just about anything, including upgrading if you so wish. This can be considered a great entry-point into gaming, and the support and friendliness of OriginPC is quite evident. They love gamers, no matter your skill or what you like to play. It’s highly recommended to check them out. This machine gets our Editor’s Choice award for delivering the whole package. Being new, the graphics to officiate that decision are forthcoming. But this is definitely an Editor’s Choice machine.


OriginPC Millennium Desktop Review
An expertly built gaming powerhouse. If you're in the market for a PC and want the absolute best money can buy, this is it. After sales support is also second to none. These are gamers and understand your plight. Very hard to ignore next to the competition.
What's Right
  • Expertly Built
  • Warranty/Support
  • Blazingly Fast
What's Wrong
  • OEM GPU's are a bit Loud
90%Overall Score
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