The Overwatch beta was incredibly successful with many millions of players storming the Blizzard servers to play the fresh, new fast-paced FPS. And though the beta has been over for some time, we’ve finally compiled and put together a performance analysis of the game on the PC to help you make understand how your PC will likely perform once it’s fully released on May 24th.

Overwatch PC Performance Analysis

Overwatch might not be technically impressive, but it’s incredibly addictive

And thankfully, the choices that Blizzard have made when designing their game might just have enabled it to run well on nearly anything, which helps to draw in more players to the new franchise that they’re trying to create. The art style is quite specific, but that’s what gives it the flair that draws you in. And it’s very capable of doing that. Despite that, we’ve put it to the test against numerous NVIDIA and AMD GPUs to see just how it’ll perform at the most intense settings offered by the game. The results are slightly surprising, but mostly very positive news for both manufacturers. This is a well optimized game, but keep that in mind as we’ll discuss that one a bit later.