It’s been a while since Blizzard announced Overwatch. There have been several beta’s before the release date. Now Overwatch is finally out, and I’ve play around 20 hours total on the Open beta and the past 5 days that it’s been released. Overwatch is a game in FPSMOBA or Hero FPS genre (you can call it both), and it’s based on different class heroes who all have different ability’s.


Overwatch is an FPS for just about anyone, and it’s actually fun

Every hero has their own role in the team, those roles are offensive, defensive, tank and support. Offensive heroes are meant to do the real damage in the game, they go in behind the tank and try to kill as many others as possible. Defensive heroes are slow, but do massive amount of damage when played right, they are great for holding off choke points. Tanks are meant to take the most damage, they go in first and take the first heat of damage to make sure the offensive heroes can deal the damage hiding behind them. Support heroes are the heroes who heal everyone and build teleporters and turrets, they make sure the rest of the team is able to fight on the most flawless way.

The game is very entertaining when you play with a group of friends, you can do some stupid stuff or just play for the win. In my opinion the game is meant to play with friends, because it’s a bit boring by yourself when you get no info where all the enemies are and you can get frustrated by that a lot. Also when you play alone there is a big chance that there won’t be any supports or tanks which basically makes the game unwinnable. Some abilities of some heroes are a bit overpowered which is a bit annoying as well.


The graphics are beautiful, such as the character design and all the little elements that you can see throughout the levels. Blizzard really knows what they are doing when it comes to the characters. The maps are beautiful, easy to learn and it’s good that they only have specific game modes on specific maps, not like for instance battlefield, where every game mode is playable on every map. Even better is that it also plays fast on nearly anything too.

Because of that you really get to know where to be on the map, and you won’t have to pay attention on the game mode.


When you start to play you really get sucked into the game, you start a game and before you know it it’s been 2 hours.

Overall I think this game is amazing to play, as long as you have some people who would like to play it with you. You can have a good laugh, or be dead serious, or if you really want, look at the booty of Widowmaker….









Character Design



  • Great to play with friends
  • Addicting
  • Perfect character design


  • No singleplayer campain
  • Not that fun to play by yourself