AMD will help to present the Gaming Show, powered by PC Gamer, for the second time tomorrow (today depending on when you read this). It was such a hit last year that they decided to do it again. This one will be opened to everyone, that means absolutely anyone, to attend, absolutely for free, from 10AM to 2PM. Space is limited, however, and the actual show will kick off at 11:30AM PDT and will be streamed live on Twitch, Youtube Gaming as well as Facebook.

PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show 2016 is just as full as last year

The event will be full of exciting new things surrounding PC gaming including new game reveals, updates to all kinds of game series, perspectives from developers and more. The presenters at the show will include some of the key PC developers in the industry. We’ll see Bohemia Interactive, Relic Entertainment, SEGA, Studio Wildcard, TaleWorlds Entertainment, Torn Banner Studios, Tripwire Interactive and many more. This event surely won’t lack in content and will also be host to numerous giveaways as well. PC Gamer took a lot of notes about all of the things that were unappealing from last year’s event to hopefully make it a much better one. That means they may thankfully cut it well short of the nearly all night event from last year. This year should prove to be a much more exciting experience.

Also, we think that it’s very likely that AMD will give even more of a sneak peek into their new Polaris lineup announced at Computex earlier this month. For more info about the event and the countdown to the start of the event visit PC Gaming Show’s website here.