Prey was a cult-classic that transcended the usual limitations by being both serious and rather hilarious at the same time. It also might have been a tad racist (though they actually handled the issue quite well), but it was still fun nonetheless. The sequel was in the works, but canceled in 2014 by Bethesda. But it seems that was because they were completely re-imagining the franchise. And they’ve announced a new Prey game is coming in 2017.

Prey has a completely new premise, which devalues the original

The new Prey is a game about a subject of strange experiments designed to artificially evolve and improve humanity. Instead of being abducted, you’re already on a space station and an alien presence is hunting you. No, it doesn’t nearly sound related to the original, which might just devalue the thought that went into the original. But the story does sound interesting nonetheless.

The game is being handled by Arkane Studios, the developer responsible for the Dishonored series of games. They have permission to completely re-imagine, which they’ve taken the liberty to do. It remains to be seen whether or not this is at least a homage to the original, which was fairly a fairly impressive game. Prey will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.