AMD has launched their M400 series for laptops. However the parts that have been launched are not based on new FinFET silicon, but rather re-brands of existing 28nm parts. At the head of the new launch is the R9 M485X, which is reportedly based on AMD’s Tonga graphics processor. This is apparently a more powerful chip than AMD’s upcoming Polaris 11. It is expected that Polaris 10 will slot in above the M485X, in the M490 series.

AMD Mobility M400

AMD quietly released re-branded mobile GPUs in advance of Computex

The following is a list straight from AMD’s site of all the new mobile GPUs that will be available.

R9 M400 series

M470X and M470 are expected to be based on Bonaire


R7 M400 Series

M465X is expected to based on the Cape Verde chip, whereas M465, M460 and M445 use the ‘Topaz’ silicon


R5 M400 series

M435, M430 and M420 are reported to be based on AMD’s existing Oland graphics processor

AMD’s Polaris architecture is expected to be revealed soon, in both the Desktop and Mobility product lines.  The release of re-badged parts for the M400 series is likely just to satisfy OEMs, as the new FinFET silicon isn’t quite ready for launch. Polaris-based mobility parts will likely slot in around the parts launched today in the coming months. Bringing with it a massive leap in performance per watt and overall power efficiency that is incredibly important in the mobile environment.