AMD has been very good about keeping the promises made with the introduction of their newest driver platform. They rather quickly released a hotfix driver to fix power handling issues with the recently released RX 480 and now dropped Crimson Edition 16.7.3 on us that has quite a few improvements inside.

Crimson Edition 16.7.3

Crimson Edition 16.7.3 improves Rise of the Tomb Raider, Overwatch and more

The most notable improvement is a 10% increase in performance in Rise of the Tomb Raider at 1080P with the RX 480. They say you’ll achieve around 86.53FPS, though settings are not mentioned. Overwatch also gets a slight improvement in performance with CrossFire and the crashing issues should now be resolved. But there’s much more inside, from graphical corruption and crashes being finally fixed in Hitman, Total War: Warhammer and even DiRT Rally to extended displays no longer flickering when alt-tabbing during a game. Check out the release notes below, they’re rather robust.

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3 Highlights

  • Performance Improvements:
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider™ performance increase up to 10% versus Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.2 on Radeon™ RX 480 graphics(1)

Fixed Issues

  • Overwatch™ may experience an application crash on some Radeon™ RX 480 configurations when using AMD Crossfire mode.
  • Vulkan™ information in the Radeon Settings software information tab may display an incorrect version.
  • Radeon WattMan may retain settings of an overclock after it has failed. If you have failed an overclock with a system hang or reboot.
  • Hitman™ may experience graphical corruption when the game is set to use DirectX®12 API and using zoom with weapons.
  • Total War™: Warhammer may experience minor graphical corruption in some map textures on AMD Radeon R9 380.
  • Flickering may be observed in Rise of the Tomb Raider™ on some AMD Crossfire configurations using the DirectX®11 API.
  • Changing settings in Dragon Age Inquisition™ with the Mantle API may result in an application crash or driver recovery.
  • DiRT™ Rally may experience flickering terrain in some races when the advanced blending option is enabled in the games settings page.
  • Display may exhibit a minor flicker on Radeon RX 480 when Freesync is enabled on a games launch or exit.
  • Shadows may experience rendering issues in DOTA2™ when using the Vulkan™ API.
  • Textures may experience holes or gaps in DOOM™ when using the OpenGL API and three display AMD Eyefinity configurations.
  • Need for Speed™ may experience flickering on some light sources in AMD Crossfire mode.
  • Performing a task switch with two cloned displays during full screen gaming may cause flickering on the extended display.

Source: AMD