The Razer Blade Stealth. A compact, minimalist package that has the potential to wow you. That is, if you can live with slightly subpar battery life and a somewhat stiff keyboard. What you do get is a phenomenal screen, a competitive trackpad and the ability to hookup external graphics, which is a good thing. That isn’t something all Thunderbolt 3 enabled devices can do, by the way. They have to support it in the firmware, so Razer has that advantage. For now. But still, the overall package is quite nice. A good keyboard (bully on those that think it’s too stiff) and an overall attractive package. The battery life is concerning though, when you consider that plenty of competitors can do it just right. With all of the above.

And reliability? Manufacturing has been much improved over the years and we’ve been told that failures are down by a massive amount. In reality? We’ve already had two BSOD’s concerning the RAM and had to reset twice as a result. It would reboot, then throw the same BSOD until we entered the recovery screen. The homegrown recovery system is actually really good, though, and a credit to the engineers at Razer. We’re hoping that we just have a bum unit. And maybe these issues aren’t widespread. We haven’t seen anything yet so we’re not counting this against it. Yet.

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Razer Blade Stealth Review, a walk on the small side
A very well laid out machine with a great chassis, amazing screen and middling battery life. The whole platform is decent, if not good, but It's held back by its battery life. Better than it used to be but not quite good enough. This machine has potential, but it hasn't quite met it yet.
What's Right
  • Display
  • Trackpad
  • Chassis
What's Wrong
  • Battery Life
  • Fingerprint Magnent
  • Dat Battery Life
86%Overall Score
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