What can we make of all this? That Razer has managed to make a very decent headset that’s capable and yet not terribly expensive. You’re paying mostly for the name, though the underlying product isn’t half bad. In overall terms they produce a very nice sound that would be acceptable to many. A little EQ also goes further than you might think, letting you accentuate those frequencies that you want with minimal negative effects. Razer has certainly come a long way in quality, with these seeming to be able to withstand more abuse, and the tests of time, with a bit more elegance. How they’ll actually hold up in real-world situations, will still take time to uncover. Initial quality is up by a good margin though.

Razer, the big marketing company that loves to make products. They’re finally coming into their own with actual good underlying things to sell. These headphones, the second version of the Kraken are a testament to them making hard choices for quality. The result is that they have a good headset that’s better than the original, though not quite as amazing as their marketing materials might have you believe. They do sound pretty good though. And for the $99¬†they make a convincing argument. There are still much better options for audio, though not “headsets” marketed in this way.

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Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Headset Review
The Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 are far and above better than the previous version. They have a good sound stage and are surprising with the good sound they output. It's initially strange, tinny sounding but can be adjusted to make it seem more than acceptable, though not quite amazing. The microphone is great and the lighting is absolutely dumb. For games and for music the virtual surround actually works well.
Sound Quality82%
Sound Stage88%
Build Quality85%
What's Right
  • Expansive sound stage
  • Generally good sound
  • 7.1 actually works fairly well
What's Wrong
  • Chroma lights are useless addition
  • Slightly harsh high-end
  • Mid-range needs EQ or it's largely missing
86%Overall Score
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