Razer today unveiled the latest iterations of their Blade Pro laptops to a packed auditorium in Berlin, Germany, as well as finally releasing the Blade and Blade Stealth to the European market.

The Blade Stealth is Razers entry to the Ultra Book segment, featuring 7th Gen Core i7 CPU’s, 16Gb of RAM and a whopping upto 9 hours of battery life. Of course, while it may lack anything above Intels integrated GPU internally for powering gameplay, it does support connectivity to the Razer Core, via Thunderbolt 3, allowing for true desktop class GPU’s to be used in conjunction with the device, offering the ability to achieve unparalleled levels of graphical fidelity and performance on a device of this type.


Next up we have the Razer Blade, featuring a 6th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, all crammed into a 0.7-inch thick aluminium Unibody chassis, with display options ranging from 1080P panels, through to 4K with touch screen support the Razer Blade makes for a very compelling purchase for those that want reasonable gaming performance in a compact and light system.


While these two devices are new to the European market, these aren’t necessarily new devices. Which is where the star of Razers laptop line steps to the plate, the Razer Blade Pro. Razer are referring to it as ‘the desktop in your lap’ and certainly this thing has some incredibly desirable specifications. Featuring an Nvidia GTX 1080, an Intel Core i7-6700HQ and 32Gb of DDR4 RAMD all crammed into a svelte 0.88 inch thick CNC machined aluminium chassis.

In a device of this size cooling will naturally be a challenge, however it seems Razer has been able to step up to the plate by designing a custom, ultra-thin vapour chamber cooling solution, which is married to a dynamic heat exchanger and custom fan to keep the machine as cool and quiet as possible without compromising on the size and thickness of the laptop.



Of course, all that horse power would go to waste on a 1080P panel, and Razer are not disappointing here, opting for a 17.3-Inch IGZO IPS panel, sporting an impressive 3840×2160 default resolution with G-Sync support baked in, which will be incredibly useful for gaming. Beyond the high spec screen and other internals, Razer are supplying two drives in RAID 0 for your data needs, with size options varying from 512Gb through to 2Tb. This is in addition to a bevy of connectivity options on the sides of the laptop, supporting USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 3 and more!



Finally, and perhaps of significant interest to some. Despite the overall thinness of the laptop, Razer have managed to cram a fully mechanical keyboard into it, including support for its Chroma lighting system. In an interesting design choice, the laptops track pad has been shifted off to the side, making the layout look a little bit awkward, but certainly potentially more gaming friendly since the layout reflects the more traditional positioning of how many place their mice and keyboards on their desks.

Razer Blade Pro Tech

Blade Stealth starts at €1,099 with the Core clocking in at €449, with shipping in time for Christmas. The Blade starts at €1,999 with shipping starting tonight. The Blade Pro is set to ship in November with prices starting at $3699 in the US and  €4,199.