A new gameplay trailer just arrived for the new MMO that’s coming soon from My.com, Revelation Online. The new trailer shows off a bevvy of different landscapes from around the massive world you’ll be able to explore.

Revelation Online is going to be dizzily diverse, and ancient

In the video we get a glimpse at quite a few locations that you’ll be able to fully explore. Not only that, but it seems that the team at My.com have been hard at work putting together a vast system of lore to tie together the ancient physical structures of the world.

Revelations Online will be one of a few MMO projects that My.com have in their inventory. This one will allow for absolute freedom to explore the world, with the ability to fly across the massive world as well. Even being an MMO, they plan on having plenty of story-driven content to help give it a unique flair. They’re also planning on PvP battles with up to hundreds of players at any given time. This has massive potential, if they can hook in the audience.

If you’re interesting in giving it a whirl, they’re taking applications for the beta test. To sign up for the Revelation Online beta today head on over to ro.my.com/en/about.

Revelation Online