It’s been around three years since the last Sniper Elite game came out (2014). And I’ve been a big fan of the series, it’s basically a one of a kind game. No other game out there does the sniping better than sniper elite. Now that Sniper Elite 4 came out about a week ago and I’ve played it for a few hours, let me give you my opinion on the game.

Let’s start by the basics: The gameplay…

The gameplay is amazing, it feels really responsive. The moving and climbing through the map feels like it should be on every game. Also the sniping feels really rewarding, you know there is bullet drop and the wind changes the direction of the bullet. A red square shows where the bullet will impact (if you will kill the target, else it’s yellow for a hit, white for a miss). Which is a nice touch. When you get a kill, most of the time you get a kill animation, which looks very rewarding, and fun at the same time.

Now let’s talk graphics. In my opinion it looks really good. It’s not your Battlefield 1 level of graphics, but it’s still damn good. The level design works well with the graphics. I love the way the game is designed which makes it even a better experience to play.

There are also a few cons about the game. For example, it’s hard…. really hard. Compared to Sniper Elite 3, the levels are a lot longer and way harder to complete. I take about an hour per level without going for the 100% completion. There are still a lot of side tasks I could complete before completing the main mission. It’s also really hard to go for complete stealth. There are always people who will spot me and I felt like in Sniper Elite 3 it was easier to go full stealth.

Overall the game is really fun to play if you want a “realistic” sniper game. The story is well written, the game looks good, and plays amazing. But you need to like a challenge in order to fully enjoy the game.

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Review: Sniper Elite 4 – Holy Damn…
Sniper Elite 4 is a well machined game. It has great graphics with some of the best gameplay mechanics of any game of this genre. The massive levels can be fun, though take a long time to play through, though the story is well worth the time invested. It's also difficult to use a pure stealth approach, but no matter, the kill cam is still just as excellent.
Level Design85%
What's Right
  • Great Graphics
  • Amazing Gameplay and Mechanics
  • Excellent Story and Writing
What's Wrong
  • Extremely Difficult
  • Very Long Missions
  • Difficult to do full stealth
84%Overall Score
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