After days of teasing, with a final unveiling of the title yesterday Rockstar have today published a trailer for their forthcoming Red Dead Redemption title.

While not giving much away, the trailer itself looks stunning; showing off the varied landscapes of the American Midwest, from verdant forests through to arid deserts.. At a little over a minute in length the trailer is short and allows Rockstar to build a reasonable amount of hype and interest while keeping a lot of cards close to their chests on the actual content or plot, suffice to say it’s working with the video getting near half a million views in the scant timeĀ its been up already.

Concrete news on the title remains thin on the ground at the moment, while internet speculation runs rampant, with talk of this being a prequel, information about map leaks from last year being related to the forthcoming title and more, with the game pegged for a fall 2017 release no doubt there will be much more speculation and information releases in the coming weeks and months.

We will continue watching for developer provided information on this title and report on it as it becomes available.