In what might be the longest and most drawn out reveal in the history of gaming, Rockstar Games is showing off more of what might be a teaser for the next Red Dead installment, presumably simply Red Dead 3. A new photo from their Twitter has been posted with seven individuals artfully portrayed against the rising sun.

Red Dead 3

Red Dead 3 has been teased and rumored for years now

But as with the slight reveal just yesterday, we may be inching closer to actual information regarding a third installment to the critically acclaimed series of western video games. Red Dead and Red Dead Redemption have been some of the most popular games from Rockstar Games, despite initially having a cult following. The intricate stories and well made view into the frontier of the 19th century continue to be well made and enjoyable games. Perhaps sometimes this week we’ll receive official word, or a trailer, regarding the future of the series and a look at just what Red Dead 3 will actually entail, as opposed to rumors that have thus far likely been off the mark. Stay tuned for more information, as we’re bound to see it soon.

It also seems that some data scavengers have found hidden data on Rockstars website that point towards a new Red Dead game as well. Though we’ve also heard in the past regarding what was supposedly the story from a former Rockstar employee as well as a plethora of supposedly leaked data that ultimately was not true. References on their website could also be put there erroneously or maliciously to mislead. However, the official photos from Rockstar do increase confidence in Red Dead 3 coming soon. Or at least information about said game.