Ryzen 7 1800X Gaming Performance

It’s no secret that gaming is one area that consumer Zen was set to improve. AMD wanted their new processor to be the choice amongst gamers and of course among streamers as well. The price is right and thus far we’ve seen that in terms of outright performance, the Ryzen 1800X is incredibly competitive for the retail price you’d pay.

We’re going to be including the 99th-percentile framerate from now on as it’s a better representation of how the game will actually play and feel. It means that 99% of the time, the frame rate is at the indicated number or above it. That’s a far better metric than even the average framerate.

What do you think? It seems that in general AMD’s Ryzen 1800X is incredibly competitive. It’s very close and wins some, and loses some. But it’s a very close battle either way. Going forward, many games will benefit having more cores as they continue to implement Vulkan and DX12 as their rendering API. Really, the only outlier is Grand Theft Auto V, which seems to favor Kaby Lake quite a bit. DX11 is less efficient with multiple cores and thus enjoys the increased frequency and good IPC available from the Intel i7-7700K. The 99th-percentile still show the Ryzen 1800X as a very capable processor. I highly suspect that normalization to 4.2 will have a very positive effect on the frame rate for those games┬áthat are unable to scale well with core-count.