Ryzen 7 1800X Overclocking

Overclocking is actually fairly easy on AMDs new platform. They’ve actually developed a new tool that’s very similar to their GPU utility that makes overclocking a more simple affair. All Ryzen CPUs are also unlocked, leaving the ability to overclock to be decided by the level of motherboard you decide to purchase. Both the X370 and B350 can OC, while the A320 cannot.

With the utility provided by AMD, it’s simple a matter of finding the right mixture of increased voltage and multiplier. Changes of both are applied instantly upon hitting the apply button and you’ll be able to monitor voltage and temperature to see if it’s stable. With a little experimentation we were able to hit 4.2GHz with a voltage of 1.45. It was stable through Cinebench and we’re conducting more OC tests to ascertain the impact this has on performance beyond that benchmark.

Our sample didn’t necessarily overclock by much past the XFR boost, though it did scale quite well with overclocking. We think that’ll have a┬ásimilar effect on gaming as well.