Ryzen 7 1800X Memory/Temperature/Power Consumption

We’ve relegated the RAM tests to the end because they seem too be a little suspect. Due to how new the processor is, I’m disinclined to believe the results just yet. However, I’ve included them here so they can be referenced and compared against later. AMD has told me that SiSoft Sandra and Performance Test don’t quite have full support just yet, so any numbers may not be final. The write speed especially is a bit strange, but we’ll retest soon.

Temperature stability seemed to be very good. In that, with the Noctua U12S, we enjoyed temps that remained fairly stable. I’m not so sure that many programs can read the temperature probes just yet, so the 61-degrees we saw on the high-end during load might be erroneous. The tMax is actually 60, which is why I mention that. There seemed to be no issue with boosting during our initial testing, however.

We touched on what TDP is, and how it isn’t power consumption. So please keep in mind that these numbers are still very good considering that it’s actually faster than the competition as well. Power consumption ¬†was also seen to be slightly less than the 6900K while doing other activities, such as POVRay, Tensorflow and Cinebench by a good 10-percent margin on average.


Overall a very good show I might add. We will have more results from many more games coming very soon. This is only part one of a series on Ryzen performance.