After countless of weeks and months of waiting, intense speculating and many rumors, today AMD finally officially releases their brand new Ryzen CPU line and all information about it. Shall we take a look?


Ryzen 7 1700, 1700X and 1800X

AMD started working on their Zen architecture 4 years ago. Completely from scratch with well-known lead engineer Jim Keller. Today AMD presents us three new Ryzen CPUs based on Zen architecture which utillize new AM4 socket. All three models fall into their new Ryzen 7 lineup and will have eight cores and 16 threads at 95W TDP with exception of Ryzen 7 1700 which has 65W TDP.  All of the CPUs are built on 14nm process node and AMD claims to have achieved over 52% IPC increase over their last generation. Their flagship CPU, Ryzen 7 1800X, goes up to 4GHz with 3.6GHz baseclock.

AMD claims that their flagship model, Ryzen 7 1800X, is the fastest eight core CPU on the market. They demonstrated this by comparing this CPU to Intel’s current fastest eight core CPU i7 6900k. They compared them in widely used Cinebench R15 benchmark and Handbrake video converting utillity. In both benchmarks 1800X wins over 6900k. However these benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt and we suggest waiting for 3rd party reviews for real world performance.

Ryzen CPUs also comes with next iteration of AMD’s Wraith cooler. AMD introduced two new models, Wraith Spire and Wraith Stealth. AMD states that these coolers will offer superb cooling at 32 decibels.


Lower Ryzen models and mobile versions

As for the lower Ryzen models with less cores AMD hasn’t stated anything yet. The rumors are that there six core and four core models coming, but we have no idea when exactly. We hope to see AMD releasing more info about those soon.

During their press release video it was mentioned that mobile versions of Ryzen CPUs, for laptops and low powered systems, alongside with their “Naples” server version of Ryzen will come in the second half of this year, sadly that’s all information we got.


Price and availability

AMD states that with Ryzen they are pushing towards making eight core CPUs available to much more people than it previously was. All we can say to that is FINALLY!

Ryzen 7 1700 starts at $329, 1700X starts at $399 and their flagship model, 1800X, starts at $499. All CPUs will be available for preorder starting today, Feburary 22nd, while the official launch is going to be on March 2nd.

Ryzen will be available from more than 180 global retailers and OEMs. With Ryzen also comes wide range of 82  AM4 based motherboards from major motherboard manufacturers utillizing X370 and B350 socket. Those will be also available on March 2nd.

Ryzen Die Shot

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