Samsung is breaking away from the ARM-designed Mali GPU that generally comes stock with relatively unmodified ARM designs. It looks like they’re actually looking to move towards something different from either NVIDIA or even AMD. They’re already rumored to be in talks for licensing.

Samsung Mobile GPUs

Pascal based Tegra

Samsung branching out is good for everyone

NVIDIA already has a working mobile version of there current Pascal GPU that’s both powerful as it is efficient. Integrating the current cut-down Pascal would prove somewhat challenging, though could provide great differentiation compared to the rival chip-makers, who generally use mobile-focused GPUs from Imagination Technologies or ARM themselves. But what of AMD?

AMD is able to dynamically scale the compute units up or down to meet the demands of customers, though they don’t necessarily have a current gnu to meet those power requirements in their arsenal. AMD sold their Adreno brand of mobile GPUs designed for phones to Qualcomm in 2009. They were originally sold under the Imageon brand name.

AMD has apparently already been reported to be working with MediaTek on a mobile SoC, incorporating their GPUs into them. This could pave the way to another focused GPU strategy using their GCN architecture, which has been much improved in efficiency with the introduction of the RX 480. Presumably the Polaris architecture, properly cut down, could provide the compute power needed plus the efficiency needed for a phone.

These are rumors, though from a source that’s close to the information and that has been quite reliable in the past. They should, as always, be taken very lightly. Both manufacturers could help Samsung have even more powerful, gaming focused, designs to incorporate in their next-generation SoC’s should they choose.

Source: GSMArena