It looks like even more games are becoming educational these days. Civilization is the next game that has an official educational component that could potentially help show the consequences and ramifications of complex decision making. And it’s all set to arrive in schools by next fall.

CivilizationEDU could give insight into historical decision making models

The whole project is designed, and rightfully so, to help students think critically about how closely tied together your actions just might be. There’s a complex relationship between military, technological, political and scientific development and this will help show how what you do affects the other.

To help augment the ability to assess problem-solving skills, GlassLab has added what they’re calling a “learning analytics engine” that’s able to determine just how well students are able to overcome problems. Those that play the genre seriously have likely already understood the value that’s intrinsic in having to run an empire, of sorts, and it’s now being realized in the classroom.

“Civilization has challenged millions of people around the world to revisit and experience history, pursue boldly exploration, and create their own societies based on their passions and freedom of choice. I can’t think of a better interactive experience to help challenge and shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.”

It’s interesting to see games make their way into the everyday lives of students in an official capacity such as this. If played properly, it’s a great teaching tool in it’s own right. All 4X games have that potential even, if the proper amount of effort is placed in learning to play properly, of course. Civilization V or VI are perfectly suited for this sort of activity.

The cross-over into the classroom is a testament to the value that games can have. The rise of VR could also give students a way to intimately experience moments in history in a sort of living documentary, opposed to the usual method of learning. Classrooms of the future are indeed changing. At least the tools available are changing.

Civilization VI