Performance of this NAS engineered drive is actually quite high when on its own. It surpasses expectations and on its own could provide a good direct-attached storage alternative to the Barracuda Pro 10TB HDD. It doesn’t quite match the workload specifications but is rated for far more load/unload cycles and a 24/7 duty cycle. It’s also less expensive and just about as fast. That and the IronWolf will naturally expand in a NAS environment as your business expands. Throw another one in for a RAID 1 and then two more for a sweet RAID 10 and they’ll behave together with AgileArray, which isn’t just a buzzword.

The consensus, then, is that it’s rather fast and can hold a lot of stuff. It’s price, at around $450, isn’t terrible though it’s also a lot of money. With that you get that aforementioned space that can be used to backup, archive or even be the drive from whence you load games from. It isn’t slow at all. There is a bit of magnetic head noise that might annoy the most sensitive and it doesn’t quite respond immediately, though most users won’t notice the tiny, milliseconds delay.

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Seagate IronWolf 10TB Review
A very nice and large HDD that performs miles better than you might expect. Aside from being loud, which isn't detrimental, it would be magnificent as an archive drive or in a small RAID array.
General Features90%
What's Right
  • Massive Size
  • Great Performance
  • Good Mixed Performance
What's Wrong
  • Slightly Loud
90%Overall Score
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