Storage technology progress never takes a break. Last year at Flash Memory Summit in California Samsung revealed their biggest SSD at that time. Seagate decided to join the race as well and this year at the same place they revealed the world’s biggest SSD yet!

Seagate 60TB SSD

World’s first 60TB SSD

This new enormous SSD will contain whooping 60 terabytes. It will use 3.5“ form factor opposed to 2.5“ form factor used by Samsung’s biggest SSD. We don‘t have any technical details however Ars Technica reports that the SSD will utillize Micron’s 3D NAND technology with efficiency of 1Watt per terabyte.

Price wasn’t specified either, but Ars Technica reports that the company claimed that the new SSD will provide “the lowest cost per gigabyte for flash memory” today. Sadly we don’t know for which market Seagate means this however we can conclude that this monster is not going to be cheap. In comparison largest 4TB consumer SSDs such as Samsung 850 EVO – 4TB have average of $0.35/gigabyte. The largest 10TB consumer HDDs such as Seagate 10TB IronWolf(Review soon!) have average of $0.045/gigabyte.

There is no mentioned release date but we think it could be as early as Q1 next year.