Sniper Elite 4 from Rebellion Developments is perhaps one of the most interesting sort of installments in a game series. It’s ended up continuing to be great to play as well as a performance and technological showcase for the current generation. Sniper Elite V2 on have all contributed to being some of the most consistently evolved, graphically and with gameplay and story, games that exist. The game engine, Asura, has taken a very large step forward as befits the ambitious new title.

Sniper Elite 4

Once again Sniper Elite 4 is fairly well optimized

The Asura engine has been delightfully updated to include more realistic looking effects. Particle effects are refined, explosions etc are all improved. Textures too seem to be a bit higher and models seem to include a bit more geometry. Background textures are still hazy replicas of their in-map counter-parts, however. Lighting has been given a more dynamic upgrade to better represent the Italian countryside that you’ll be invading. Shadows are dynamic as well. And, the most important upgrade is the ability to switch to DirectX 12 as your API of choice. Rebellion has also placed an option in the settings that lets you turn asynchronous compute on, or off depending on your own preferences. And the generation of GPU you might have.