A common complaint amongst fans of Star Citizen is the size of some of the patches being pushed out by Cloud Imperium Games, up to 30GB per patch isn’t uncommon at the moment. In a bit of a double edged sword situation it seems that not all of the data in the patches is being seen by players during game play either.

After some data mining it seems that a sketchfab user by the name of Max has not only found but uploaded to sketchfab an entire city known as Terra Prime, a futuristic waterfront city, with locations such as landing pads, monorails and other details which will no doubt bring this to life in game. Naturally due to file size limitations Max has had to compress the data fairly heavily and likely remove a lot from the files to fit it into a 200Mb limitation either way this is impressive stuff. While the download size is being bumped up by the inclusion of assets like this, it does offer some significant insight in terms of just how development is going and how far along in some areas the studios that make up CIG actually are.

Be aware that viewing the file is pretty resource intensive and ideally shouldn’t be performed on a tablet or mobile device, with recommendations of needing 2GB of RAM for the browser rendering the piece.

Impressive is an understatement, the city looks to be huge and covers a fair amount of space by the looks of it.

Max has also created a behind the scenes video, showing how he assembled the city from the assets.


When looked at alongside various concept shots and in engine videos that feature the city, you can really start to get a good feel for the scope and ambition that CIG are aiming for with the eventual final release of Star Citizen.

We look forwards to more assets from the game client being discovered and uploaded to sites like Sketchfab as development continues and will of course report on them when we find out about it.