The latest build for Star Citizen, and a hallmark one at that, has just been seeded into the Public Test Universe for those players that have been diligent enough to report issues in the main game, and in test universe builds as well. This particular build is nearly as significant as alpha 2.0 was, in that this finally brings the first bits of persistence into the universe.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen v2.4.0 lets you shop until you drop, and keep your stuff too

Persistence has been hotly anticipated, as it’s the almost literal backbone of what’ll become the playable MMO universe that backers and players alike have been waiting for. Plus we want to spend our hard earned (or not) credits on useful/useless stuff. Thankfully, during the alpha phases you won’t be spending your real UEC but instead Alpha UEC that’ll eventually get wiped once they switch over to the beta.

Importantly they’ve started to experiment with making the controls between flying and on the ground a bit more unified between the various peripherals you’re likely to have on your desk. How does that work? You’ll have an easier time transitioning from your joystick (the proper way to fly) to your keyboard and mouse.

A number of other new additions and changes have been made too, like being able to choose the hanger you want to load into and of course being able to fly the vaunted Stafarer without issue.

Just what’s persistent in this new universe they’ve created? A number of things, most notably is the bounty system. That means that if you’ve been griefing people, your bounty rating persists until you’re killed. Item purchases, your Alpha UEC, hanger configurations, ship loadouts and your character loudouts will all remain even after you logout. Each new alpha build will wipe the slate clean, however, as they need to update the backend too. But the point is that they’ve finally managed to setup the databases to help us keep our stuff from game to game. Check out the full patch notes that we’ve gathered on the next page.