Star Systems:


  • Port Olisar has been renovated. While some areas are still under construction, completed sections include an improved atrium and the opening of several new shops, including Casaba Shopping Outlet, Garrity Defence and Live Wire Weapons.
  • Crusader Industries has made lockers available in both the EZ Hab rooms and near the Port Olisar airlocks, to allow pilots to change their clothing during long stops.
    • If a player wishes to change their default civilian clothing, they will need to go to the shops in Port Olisar or ArcCorp and “Equip” items they have purchased.
    • This is a very temporary implementation until we have a better equipment access system implemented.
  • Characters now spawn into Port Olisar in their civilian clothing by default.
  • Characters who exit Port Olisar in civilian clothing rather than a spacesuit will die.
  • Respawning in Crusader now costs AUEC.
    • The charges are only for deaths by “natural” causes (ship blown up, shot by FPS weapon, spaced in the airlock, ect).
    • Characters are not charged for respawning if a user becomes stuck and has to use the respawn command.
    • If a player does not have enough AUEC, they will still be able to respawn.
  • New landing pads have been added to all of the Port Olisar struts to allow them to hold larger ships.
  • The asteroid fields around Crusader have proven to be incredibly dangerous to shipping traffic after the veritable flood of pirates into the area.
    • As a result, enterprising salvage-hungry pilots may find many more wrecks and valuables in need of recovery in the Yela asteroid fields then previously.
    • Likewise those who are enlisted by Tessa Bannister out at the local ICCProbe Station to investigate the more remote asteroid pockets may also find the odd keepsake of the poor lost souls who perished.

ArcCorp, Area 18

  • After months of construction, the Casaba Shopping Outlet has opened up on ArcCorp!
    • Interested pilots can now purchase the latest fashions from around the frontier at affordable prices.
  • Cubby Blast has also fixed the main sales computer, and is ready to sell eager pilots weapons and armor sets.


  • Players can now select which of their available Hangars they wish to use from the Main Menu of the game!
  • Inside of the “Options” menu, in the Game Options section, there is a drop-down menu that will allow players to select which Hangar they would like to use.
    • This selection will persist between sessions.
    • Players who change their default Hangar while still inside the Hangar will need to exit and re-enter the hangar to see it update in the game-client.
  • The expansion bays for each Hangar are temporarily out of service.
    • This is temporary while we rework certain aspects of the expansion bays to function alongside the Port Modification App.
    • The VFG industrial central hangar is being expanded to allow owners of large ships to spawn craft in while the expansion bays are worked on.
    • Likewise the Revel & York central hangar bay is now Extra-Large to allow owners of the Starfarer to spawn it in while the expansion bays are worked on.
    • Hangar selections made via the RSI website will no longer work or be registered by the game client.
  • The character load out selector has been removed from the Hangar.
    • Characters now all load in with the same RSI space suit by default.
    • New civilian clothing and armor can be obtained from ArcCorp and Port Olisar.
    • Clothing can be equipped from the lockers on Port Olisar, or by interacting with previously-purchased items in ArcCorp.
  • The Holotable has been removed from the Hangar… for now.
    • Players will be able to modify their ships via the Port Modification App going forward.

Game Systems:

Bounty and Reputation System

  • Crusader Industries has identified a potential weakness in their criminal monitoring network at the understaffed Security Post Kareah.
    • As a result, Crusader Industries has constructed a much improved security station, armory and are looking to contract reliable pilots in the area as security guards to help protect it.
    • “Defenders” who repair enough Comm Array or ICC Probe missions will get offered a contract from Crusader Industries to protect Security Post Kareah from nefarious parties.
    • Newly recruited security guards will receive a weapon from Crusader Industries armory, and will need to defend the station for 10 minutes without dying or allowing any criminals to breach the main security terminal.
    • Security guards are authorized and encouraged to eliminate any trespassers that enter the station, with a 100 AUEC bonus instantly awarded per trespasser that is dispatched.
  • Outlaws in Crusader will now receive a mission from mysterious allies to kill the new security guard at Security Post Kareah.
  • Outlaws and Defenders in Crusader will receive missions to hunt one another in Crusader, with varying rewards.
    • Defenders will lose their mission to hunt Outlaws if they are killed by an Outlaw.
  • Outlaws who have a bounty on them can no longer be tracked via mobiGlas if they are outside monitored space.
  • Both “Defender” and “Outlaw” missions award AUEC.
  • Crusader Industries has tightened their monitoring on deactivating Comm Arrays.
    • Deactivating a Comm Arrays can now take players all the way to Wanted Level 5.
  • The timer for Outlaw Wanted Levels only counts down while the account is online on Crusader.
  • Outlaws no longer receive a special loadout when they respawn.
    • Instead Outlaws names will be in red on Augmented Reality when you approach them on foot, and they will appear as hostiles when targeted in space.
  • Outlaws at Wanted Level 5 will no longer get kicked from the server when they are killed.
    • Outlaw Wanted level will instead persist between sessions, until either enough active play time passes between criminal actions to return to a 0 Wanted level, or until the Outlaw takes actions to erase his wanted level via the Kareah security terminal.
  • Each Outlaw Wanted level now persists for a number of hours (not minutes) equal to the rank of Wanted.
    • Wanted level 1 persists for 1 hour, Wanted Level 2 persists for 2 hours, ect.
    • Wanted Level 5 would persist for 5 hours. Going all the way from Wanted Level 5 to Wanted
  • without taking actions to decrease the Wanted level would take a total of 15 hours.
  • The “Defender” reputation of a character on Crusader will persist between sessions.
    • The “Defender” reputation of a player in Crusader is not currently displayed on the HUD.
    • A players “Defender” reputation is permanent assuming no criminal actions are taken. Performing any criminal action will instantly erase any good reputation earned, and place them at Wanted Level 1.

Alpha Currency (aUEC)

  • We have added a new currency type that can be earned in-game specifically for testing purposes – AlphaUEC.
  • aUEC is currently awarded from performing both Outlaw and “Defender” missions in Crusader, and can also be earned by salvaging rare valuables in the asteroid fields around crusader.
  • The Covalex PI Mission rewards more or less aUEC depending on the ending you receive.
  • aUEC can be used to purchase items in both Port Olisar, Crusader and Area 18, ArcCorp.
  • Every account will start with 2750 aUEC.
  • aUEC can be tracked in-game via mobiGlas and will be periodically wiped as needed throughout the Star Citizen Alpha.

Repair, Restock, Refuel

  • Repairs, Restock, and Refuel in Crusader now cost aEUC.
  • When a ship lands on a Cry-Astro pad, the mobiGlas of the pilot will open automatically to the Cry-Astro app and show the character which service they need and how much each one costs.
  • The pilot can then select which ones they wish to purchase and then “Confirm” the service purchase.

Shopping Experience

  • We have introduced the first iteration of the Shopping Experience to both Port Olisar and Area 18!
  • Shopping is accessible through Augmented Reality.
  • Mousing over any item you are interested in while in AR will give you the name, description and price of an item.
  • It will also present you with two options – “Try on” or “Buy Now”, which users can toggle between via the mouse wheel or dpad down on Gamepad.
    • Either option can then be selected via the standard “Interact” keybinding, which by default is via “F” on the keyboard or “Y” on the gamepad.
  • “Try On” will bring up a dressing room preview of how the item looks.
  • “Buy Now” will take you to the checkout screen, where you can confirm your purchase before it is delivered to your locker on Port Olisar.
    • There is also a option called “Deliver To” that is greyed-out, pending implementation in a future iteration.
  • If you already own an item, the UI will show “Equip” instead of “Buy Now”.
  • Cubby Blast (ArcCorp), Live Wire Weapons and Garrity Defense (Port Olisar) offers all of our currently available weapons and 6 armor sets.
  • Casaba Outlets offer civilian clothing in the form of hats, footwear, pants, shirts and jackets.
    • The main Casaba Outlet store on ArcCorp has a much larger selection of attire.
  • Items purchased via the shopping experience will also persist from session to session.
    • Please note that throughout the alpha and beta of Star Citizen we will periodically wipe items back to a clean state status for further testing.


One of the biggest features we’ve implemented in Alpha 2.4.0 is our first iteration of true server-side Persistence. Persistent databases are what allow us to store information on items, ships, questions, locations, and actions that a player has taken, such that they can return to exactly where they left off session-to-session. This is a huge step forward into the “Persistent” part of making the “Persistent Universe” the vast universe we all look forward to.

  • During this first iteration, the following items will now “Persist” on the database and be saved from session to session.
    • aUEC
    • Item Purchases
    • Hangar Configurations
    • Ship Loadouts
    • Character Loadouts
    • Crusader Reputation (Criminal and Defender)
    • Ship Ammo and Missiles (Crusader only)
  • Persistence from build to build will not be available at this point in testing. We are wiping the database with each deployment. Thus when a new build is published to PTU, your character’s persistent related information will be wiped clean.

Port Modification App

  • What is this? What does it do? What doesn’t it do! This handy application allows pilots from all over the ‘verse to directly modify the loadouts of their ships – just by looking at their ships and activating the appropriate nodes!
  • This fun-filled new option is housed in mobiGlas and currently can be accessed by pressing the “home” key on your keyboard.
  • Once the Port Modification App is activated, your AR vision will show you interaction points in both the Hangar and Ship where you can place flair items, ships and modify components.
  • The Port Modification app works in both the Hangar and Crusader. Changes made in the Hangar will carry over to your Arena Commander Simulation sessions, and changes made in Crusader will carry on in the ‘verse from session to session.
  • It also allows you to select what ships you wish to have in your Hangar without use of the RSI website, and allows you to select where and which Flair items you want to place!

Social Module

  • mobiGlas now shows both AUEC (Alpha UEC) and UEC in the top right corner of the main mobiGlas page.
  • Augmented Reality is now on by default.
    • It can still be toggled on and off with the F2 key.


  • The MISC Reliant (Base) has been added as a Hangar-Ready ship.
  • The Starfarer (Base) and the Starfarer Gemini are now flight-ready, and available for pilots to summon in Crusader.
  • Ship health has received a balance pass across the board.
    • Ships that will have seen an increase in health include the Mustang (All), 300i and Freelancer.
    • Ships that will have seen a decrease in health include the Aurora (All), 325a, 315p, Hornet (all), Gladiator, Vanguard and Constellation Andromeda.
  • Ship armor and shields are currently going through a review for rebalancing, and may experience adjustments during the 2.4.0 PTU process.

First Person:

  • A whole slew of animation changes have been made to support the new shopping experience.
  • We have added a slew of new items from armor to civilian clothing that players can obtain and use through the Shopping experience.
    • Our initial selection of civilian clothing includes five styles of jackets, three different shirt styles (in a wide variety of colors), six styles of pants (also in a wide range of colors), shoes and hats!
    • We also have familiar Marine and Outlaw armors, flightsuits and the full assortment of FPS weapons.

User Interface:

  • The keyboard, mouse and gamepad default keybindings have received a massive update to better unify controls between different peripherals and also between flight and FPS modes. Major changes include:
    • mobiGlas is now on F1 on the Keyboard.
    • Spacebrake is now on “Left ALt+ X” (Keyboard) and “LeftShoulder+B” (Gamepad).
    • Exit ship/Exit seats is now on “Left Alt+F” (Keyboard) and “LeftShoulder+Y” (Gamepad).
    • Cycle Countermeasure is now “G” (Keyboard), and “Dpad Down” (Gamepad).
    • Launch Countermeasures is now Hold-“G” (Keyboard), Mouse Button 4, “RightShoulder” (Gamepad).
    • Throttle Min/Thottle Max is now “Backspace” (Keyboard) as a toggle.
    • Self-Destruct and Force Respawn are now by holding down “Right Alt + Backspace” (Keyboard), and “LeftShoulder + RightShoulder + B” (GamePad).
    • The keybinding changes are very extensive. More detailed information will be coming in the near future, and in the interim, we strongly recommend that players review the keybindings in-game.
    • We strongly encourage players to use the default keybindings during the PTU phase, so as to provide us with as much constructive feedback as possible regarding the changes.

Updates and Fixes

Star Systems:

ArcCorp, Area 18

  • Fixed an issue where a lighting effect on the elevator doors would pop as the doors opened and closed.
  • Fixed an issue where a bright light was flickering on and off in the center of AstroArmada.
  • Toned down some of the lighting in the Customs area of ArcCorp.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects for the Sphere outside of TDD Jobwell were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cubby Blast sign had some texture clipping and conflicts.


  • Fixed an issue where the Yela asteroid were missing a number of graphical detail levels.
  • Fixed an issue where Quantum Traveling to an object would sometimes cause the player’s ship to be moved about 3000m in a random direction.
  • Fixed an issue wherein ramming another players ship and destroying your own ship in the process, would give the other user a Criminal Wanted level.
  • Fixed an issue where the Audio for Comms Array activation and deactivation was playing globally across the server.


  • Fixed an issue where the door frames in the VFG Industrial hangar were missing detail levels.

Game Systems:

Arena Commander

  • Added the ability for characters to suicide in Arena Commander.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial (Chapter 6), where the eject hint would be for the keyboard even when using the gamepad.


  • Precision mode velocity damping now only applies to strafe.
  • Strafe is no longer affected by the space-brake.


  • Fixed an issue where pilots who entered certain landed ships would sometimes see the artificial horizon holo-disc grow huge on their screens.
  • Fixed an issue where several ships would take a very long time to destroy unless their cockpit took damage.

Individual Ships

300 Series

  • Fixed an issue where the 300i and 350r landing gear would hover a few inches above the landing pad.


  • Fixed an issue where maneuvering thruster audio on the Aurora LN was repeating excessively at moderate-to-high volume levels.


  • Fixed an issue where the zoom-camera for the Avenger HUD would pull the camera too far toward the left or right when zooming in on screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the Avenger (all) would drain fuel very quickly when using boost or afterburner.
  • Fixed an issue where the Avenger Warlock was missing its Visor HUD information.

Cutlass Black

  • Fixed an issue where the zoom camera for the Cutlass Black HUD would pull the camera too far downward when zooming in on screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the entrance audio for the Cutlass Black did not attenuate over distance or direction.
  • Fixed an issue where the ramp suspension had no collision for all Cutlass variants.
  • Fixed an issue where the turret seat of the Cutlass Black was hovering inside of the cargo bay until it had been interacted with.


  • Fixed an issue where the left wing landing gear of the Gladiator would sometimes spawn in deployed for Arena Commander matches.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gladiator exterior lights were not aligned to the body of the ship.


  • Fixed an issue where the zoom-camera for the Gladius HUD would pull the camera too far toward the left or right when zooming in on screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gladius pilot had no strafe animations.


  • Made some minor art and visual effect tweaks to the Hornet series of ships.


  • Fixed an issue where using automated landing on the Khartu-al would sometimes cause the ship to strafe….forever.
  • Fixed an issue with the Khartu-Al where flying close to objects would cause the ship to rapidly switch between landing and flight mode.

P-52 Merlin

  • Fixed an issue where the Merlin maneuvering thrusters were missing graphical detail levels.


  • Fixed an issue where the zoom camera for the Retaliator HUD would pull the camera too far toward the center when zooming in on screens.


  • Fixed an issue with the Aegis Sabre where the color and damage shaders were visible on the interior of the landing gear doors.
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom-camera for the Sabre HUD would pull the camera too far toward the left or right when zooming in on screens.


  • Fixed an issue where character who walked past a ladder in the Starfarer would automatically climb the ladder.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a flickering white light around the external gangway of the Starfarer.
  • Fixed an issue where the Captains seat on the Starfarer had no “Use” prompt.
  • Fixed an issue where panels in the Starfarer Docking Collar were reversed.

Vanguard Warden

  • Fixed an issue where the Vanguard Wardens missile racks could be attached to any ship.


  • Fixed an issue where the Max Ox Neutron Cannon (S1 and S2) were both unaffected by overheating.

First Person:

  • Fixed an issue where characters would not lift their leg when EVA’ing around the Port Olisar rings.
  • Fixed an issue where the helm flashlight had a blur effect inside of ships.
  • Fixed an issue where the wheels and glass on the Greycat Buggy had graphical detail problems that would cause it to pop in and out at close range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Greycat Buggy was spawning with its wheels partially in the floor of the Hangar and ArcCorp.
  • Fixed an issue where the FPS Radar was oriented to the helmet and would rotate with it, instead of moving with the player.

FPS Weapons

  • Fixed an issue where the small arms fire from FPS weapons would not manifest inside of a ships physics grid.
    • Gun battles inside of ships are now fully possible!
  • Fixed an issue where the Devestator-12 Energy Shotgun damage abruptly dropped off at a certain distance.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping an Arrowhead Sniper rifle for another weapon would leave the Arrowhead rifle floating in midair.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not pick up dropped Arrowhead Sniper rifle.
  • Fixed an issue where headshots taken with the Arrowhead Sniper rifle wouldn’t register past a certain distance.
  • Fixed some visual effect issues with the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would drop their gun both when unholstering and when switching weapons.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the HUD Interaction cursor was not properly aligned with multi-function displays, making it difficult to cycle screens.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not rotate a turret with a HOTAS or Joystick peripheral.
  • Fixed an issue where certain keybindings were saved to the incorrect peripheral and were not saved on restart.
  • Fixed an issue where the “double tap” binding for player keybindings was not saving correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD Icons on the helmet holoradar were affected by motion blur, causing them to stretch when turning or looking around.


  • Fixed a number of client crashes.
  • Fixed a number of server crashes.


  • Made some graphical performance tweaks to the Constellation Andromeda.
  • Made some continued performance improvements to the game servers.
  • Fixed some significant lag tied to the chaff visual effects.